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Training to become a Foster Carer

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We recently heard from Julie as she share her experience training to become a foster carer...

"Our meetings felt like chatty conversations but gradually we realised how much we had learned from them without realising." - Julie, Foster Carer in Assessment 

“So, we had a visit from a lovely social worker and a trainee social worker who are going to work with us throughout the training, including completing the evidence that we meet the statutory requirements to become foster carers. We had no idea that there were even statutory requirements! When you think about it, of course, it makes sense, but it shows how little we knew.

Blue Sky has an amazing training programme, very well laid out and organised. We chose them because of their outstanding Ofsted inspection record, and I am so pleased that we did. I’ll be very honest here, I completed a few of the online, “Find out more about fostering” forms and some didn’t contact me, others sent me a message, but nobody was as efficient, organised, and welcoming as Blue Sky.

We both felt that we had to be on our best behaviour during the first visit, Rick made tea and then surprised me by joining in the conversation far more than I’d imagined (he’s fairly quiet, unlike me!) We were given “homework” after each visit which we thoroughly enjoyed. Our jobs have always been so different, and it was such a pleasure working on something together. Each time Blue Sky came to see us they would ask us questions which really made us think about ourselves and how we could become good foster parents. Our meetings felt like chatty conversations but gradually we realised how much we had learned from them without realising.

A few weeks in we went away for the weekend to the Skills for Fostering training which was amazing and for me such a relief! You might be thinking why a relief? Well, I’d started the journey confidently with my education background but the more I learned about child development, behaviour, and emotions I began to question whether I was good enough to foster a young person. At the course, another attendee encouraged me to voice my fears and then I realised that it wasn’t all my responsibility, I was going to be the parent element or cog in a huge wheel of support for the young person. We would work as a team and then it felt like a warm blanket or dare, I say “hug” around me, and my confidence returned. We both enjoyed the training; it made us think a lot and we left with a greater insight into how a young person feels entering foster care and what we can do to make that the best it can be.

All we have to do now is complete our TSD folder (remember I mentioned those criteria we need to evidence), continue to meet with Blue Sky and get through panel but I’ll tell you more about that later.”

To learn more about the training and support Blue Sky offers click here.


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Date published

30 May 2023

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