Fostering teenagers

Teenagers are children who’ve physically grown but need care just as much as young people.

Fostering teenagers allows you to help these vulnerable young people explore their potential. So often overlooked and branded ‘difficult’, these young adults have usually faced trauma, neglect or abuse where stability, boundaries and plain old-fashioned parental care may not have featured in their young lives. Physically, they may have grown, but emotionally, they are still children

Here at Blue Sky, helping these young people find their way in life, achieve and reach their potential is a privilege. Together with our carers, we will always tailor their support to meet teenagers' needs and help them realise their goals.

Having their own bedroom, living in the security of your home and knowing you are dependable will enable them to thrive. You can help them explore their potential and positively influence their future and the futures of their children, grandchildren and so on. 

Fostering With Bsf Video

Hear from some of our foster carers who have cared for teenagers at Blue Sky Fostering.

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