Parent and Child fostering

Could you help a parent learn to care for their baby in a stable and nurturing home?

Could you help a young parent and their child to thrive?

Parent and child placements (also known as P&C) are short-term arrangements where foster carers help and guide a parent, or parents, to care for their baby or young child. For example, as a parent and child foster carer, you could be looking after a young teenage mum, showing her how to care for her new baby, an older parent with learning issues who needs a gentle guiding hand or teaching a young couple to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their new family.

With P&C fostering, foster carers give vulnerable parents the skills they need to care for their child, thus breaking the cycle of neglect and potential future involvement with social services. It is unlike other types of fostering as you’ll teach and guide the parent, not the baby. The parent(s) are responsible for the baby or child’s care. 

Our foster carer has made a difference to my life and way of thinking, and her help has made me a different, more open and confident woman, and I’m always grateful for that. — Lorraine, P&C Placement

You’ll be fully trained and supported to share and transfer your skills and experience with vulnerable young parents. Whoever arrives at your home, your skills, knowledge, practical support and ability to take a step back and observe will be used to the fullest. Placements typically last from 3-6 months when the parent can go on to care for their baby independently.

If you’ve ever wanted to help a young family to stay together and thrive, this is your golden opportunity. Get in touch with our fostering advice team for an informal chat about what's involved on 0800 035 6499 or complete an online enquiry form.

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“She has made a difference to my life and way of thinking and her help has made me into a different, more open and confident woman and for that, I’m always grateful.”

Maisie’s Story

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