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Top 5 Benefits of Parent and Child Fostering

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Parent and Child Fostering is very underrepresented in the world of foster care, yet many carers claim it to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences that they have gone through.

In this insight, we will explore the Top 5 Benefits of Parent and Child Fostering for all those involved and why it is so effective as a form of foster care.

What is Parent and Child Fostering (P&C)

Parent and Child Fostering commonly referred to as P&C, is a type of foster care arrangement involving both a parent and their child. Our goal is to help and support the parent in becoming a more independent and skilled parent themselves while providing a safe and nurturing environment for the child at the same time.

A vulnerable parent(s) is placed with a Foster Carer at a time when they need extra support and would otherwise be separated from their baby. This is a short-term arrangement (around 8–12 weeks) where a Foster Carer can help and guide a parent(s) to care for their baby or young child and help the parent(s) learn valuable skills they need to look after their children.

1. Family Reunification & Preservation

While the child during placement is on average very young (often ranging from 0–3 years old), the age of the parent can vary from teenage years to past 30 years old. However, most cases involve a younger parent who is inexperienced and lacks the needed knowledge and skillset for parenting.

P&C foster care focuses on keeping the family together during the process instead of separating the parent and child. The safe environment created by the foster carer, educates the parent while keeping them close to their child. This means not losing out on key moments together.

2. Holistic Support

P&C foster care is a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just parenting skills. With our large range of support, we can give both the parent and child help with regard to counseling, life lessons, skills, trauma, and more. By addressing the issues that may have led to the family's challenges, we can help develop skills for long-term stability.

3. Early Prevention & Intervention

P&C can also be viewed as a proactive form of early intervention for the parent. When the carer identifies challenges at this early stage, we prevent these issues from getting worse or escalating later in their lives. This creates a more stable home for the family and reduces the chance of outside involvement in the future.

4. Breaks the Cycle of Trauma

A lot of families involved in P&C placements have a history of neglect, abuse, and trauma. When our carers provide a safe and supportive environment through P&C, this approach gives families a chance to learn healthy coping mechanisms and effective parenting skills that overcome these challenges and stop the trauma from being passed on to their child.

5. Positively impacts Families and Carers

The positive impact P&C has on society cannot be understated, as the benefits ripple beyond individual families. By stopping unnecessary family separation, local communities benefit greatly, as less strain is put on social services and the parent and child become positive members of that community. Also, carers who go through this form of fostering experience a great sense of accomplishment and find themselves learning more about their own style of parenting and more about themselves throughout the journey.

For more information on P&C be sure to check out our Parenting and Childing page.






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Date published

12 January 2023

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