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This Is Me : A Poem of Belonging

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If you haven’t heard of 'Blue Sky Fest' it’s probably because you’re yet to join with Blue Sky. Held exclusively for Blue Sky colleagues, young people, foster carers – and all of our extended families too – the one-day event is held in the stunning grounds of a stately home, filled with giant inflatables, food stalls, games and entertainment.

Ask anyone who attended last year’s festivities for a particular highlight, and amongst the recollections of sumo suit wrestling and fish and chips, almost all mention a poem written by a young person with Blue Sky. After she performed her award-winning poem in front of everyone, there wasn’t a dry eye left in the house. She has since performed it for the Queen Consort, and if you ask nicely, she will proudly show off some photos of her beaming in a pretty dress as Queen Camilla shook her hand post-performance.

The poem describes the young person’s early life. She was placed with her foster carers, Cheryl and Dave, on a short-term placement, after which they were estranged, only to be reunited again 22 months later. They have now been back together for over nine years, and the love and gratitude they have for simply all being together is incredibly moving to witness.

The household enjoys being on the water in their spare time [hence the poem’s boat references] and their home is filled with big paintings bursting with colour, painted by Dave. While we met all around the kitchen table, Cheryl continued to crochet a huge blanket ready for their next camper van excursion. After reading her poem to me, the young person shared just how much she loved being with her foster carers. She couldn’t express enough how happy she was to be in a place where she was safe, loved, and supported, and where her foster carers believed in her.

She comes across as such a bright, vivacious personality; to hear her matter-of-factly recall the early experiences that shaped her poem, and then to follow with absolute gratitude for the love she receives now, was a truly humbling experience.

As the next Blue Sky Festival is only 3 weeks away, it is an opportune moment to share her poem with a wider audience. Blue Sky Fest is an opportunity for all the different facets of Blue Sky to join in relaxing and having fun - it is a celebration that we are all lucky enough to be able to be together.

So, if you are part of our Blue Sky family, we look forward to seeing you on the lawns amongst the inflatables and food stalls on September 16th!




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Date published

29 August 2023

SL Poem News 04

This Is Me

Past was a theme park

Caught in a queue

Till I reached the top

Of the slide ride where I drop

I didn’t have a choice


I dreamed of boats floating peacefully

Instead I was frozen with fear

I can’t see the bottom

I was pushed

I didn’t have a choice


Falling endlessly

Into the unknown abyss

Black hole

No escape


Then it ended


Warm loving hands helped me up



Comforted me

No one was there but


All my troubles had gone



Torn apart

Alone again

I didn’t have a choice


Caught on a ride

I didn’t want to be on

A rollercoaster that never ended

A carousel that never stopped spinning

I didn’t have a choice


I came off the ride

With my head held high

Warm loving hands reached out for me

I’m not alone anymore


Them and Me


Boats floating peacefully


I didn’t have a choice

But if I did

I would choose you

Because you chose me

To be free

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