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Nick's Story - Fostering Siblings

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We recently chatted with Foster Carer Nick, who, along with his wife Wendy, opened their home to a group of three siblings. Nick's personal history, having experienced life in children's homes and being fostered himself, made him want to give back and provide support and care to children in need. 

Learn more about Nick’s fostering journey in the video below.

“If you’re thinking about fostering, please, come and join us. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.“ - Nick, Foster Carer

Choosing Blue Sky for Extra Support

"We chose Blue Sky because of the extra level of support that we get. There's always someone available at the end of the phone if you've got an issue 24/7. They're just there to talk to, bounce off ideas, vent, and provide good advice." The inclusion of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, which offers additional opportunities for the children, also caught their attention, given their previous experience as scout leaders.

The Power of Fostering Siblings

Nick highlighted the benefits of fostering siblings, emphasizing the importance of the strong bond they share. He said, "They help each other, so they're not feeling like they're on their own. They've got somebody that's familiar to them, someone they're close to and can share their worries with, things they might not be able to share with us. You can actually do more with a team!"

The Rewarding Journey of Watching Children Grow

For Nick, the most rewarding aspect of fostering is witnessing the remarkable growth and development of the children under their care. He described it with a smile, saying, “Seeing the children develop and grow, they’re learning new skills, things they haven’t done before, they’re settling down and just becoming children again and enjoying life.”

Fondest Memories and Supportive Network

Sharing a heartwarming memory, Nick fondly recalled a respite placement they had with two young people. At a Blue Sky event, the boy ran across the field with open arms, calling out "CRINKLES!"—Nick's nickname at home. Such moments of genuine connection and affection make fostering even more worthwhile. Additionally, Nick expressed his gratitude for the supportive network of fellow carers they've met through Blue Sky. They remain close friends, meeting for coffee and providing an outlet for venting and sharing experiences.

The Blue Sky Buddy System and Staff Support

Nick praised the Buddy system that Blue Sky offers, which connects new foster carers with experienced ones. He explained, "It's really nice to gain information from somebody that's been there and done it. They've been a really great help to us. They're there to help and be at the end of the phone if you need them. It's brilliant." Furthermore, Nick shared, "Blue Sky Staff Support us by being there, by being at the end of the phone, by coming to see you. And there’s always somebody that knows the answer to any questions or will find out for you”.

A Call to Potential Foster Carers

“Just do it, every child needs a home. If you think too long the chance is gone, you’ll think yourself out of it. It’s worth giving support and care to a child. It just helps them develop from a child into a young adult. You’re supporting them. They’re getting on better at school and with their peers. They just need to enjoy life like we do “


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Date published

24 May 2023


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