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The fourth interview for our meet the Blue Sky Team series, please say hello to Carol, our star Kent administrator!

Carol is a down-to-earth caring soul who always looks out for others. She works hard at the Kent hub giving it her best every day.

Get to know Carol a little bit more in our lovely interview below.




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Date published

15 December 2023

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Meet the Blue Sky Team: Carol

Name: Carol Yates

Role: Kent Team Administrator

What is your favourite genre of TV?

I really like mysteries, thrillers, and that sort of thing. That show staring H Line of Duty is brilliant! I also really like Harry Potter and Disney cartoons.

How long have you been working for Blue Sky?

5 years in September 2023

How did you first get involved with Blue Sky?

I was working in a role at a school with a friend who decided to become a foster carer with Blue Sky Fostering. After I left my previous role, she recommended I apply for an administrator position here.

After looking at the website and hearing all of the positive things, I decided to send over my details, and the rest is history.

What has surprised you about working for Blue Sky?

The friendliness of my colleagues surprised me, as did how supportive everyone is to carers, young people, and colleagues, as this was very different from some of the places I worked before.

What separates Blue Sky from other fostering agencies?

I actually had no idea that private fostering agencies like Blue Sky existed, as I thought fostering provision was only through the Local Authority. But I would have to say that the feeling of pride I get working alongside Blue Sky is something that I have never felt working anywhere else before.

What do you find the most challenging about Blue Sky?

I find working by myself sometimes to be challenging, as I was not used to it at first. But everyone is supportive of each other both online and in person, so I never feel out of touch, and other team administrators from across our hubs help each other out.

What has been the best aspect of working for Blue Sky?

It has to be for me again: the sense of pride and the personal touch you get at Blue Sky. It does not matter what position you hold in the team, as everyone is so caring and will support you no matter what.

I also enjoy working with brilliant carers and young people so much. It leaves me in awe at what they can accomplish and seeing how far they have progressed.

If you could change one thing about fostering, what would it be?

Well personally, I think it is great that Blue Sky offer both online and in-person training to help our carers develop their skills. I think other places should offer this style as well, to accommodate carers from further away or who cannot make in-person sessions. I do think that in-person training is still vital, as you get a type of experience and feedback that is only achievable through that style.

What do you wish other people knew about fostering and Blue Sky?

People should know about different types of fostering, like Parent & Child and TLC, as so many people tell me they are completely unaware they even exist.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I have been to a lot of Status Quo concerts, and I went to Kyoto, Japan, a while ago. It was an experience I will never forget, and it is so beautiful!

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