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Meet the Blue Sky Team: Lucia

Meet The Team Lucia

The first in our new series of 'behind the scenes' news items, we'd like you to meet Lucia, who is based in our Ivybridge office.

Lucia exudes warmth. She considers her words carefully and has an unassuming modesty despite her bright intelligence.

It was a joy to have her as our first interviewee!




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Date published

04 September 2023

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Meet The Blue Sky Team: Lucia

Name: Lucia Auguste

Age: 29 years old

Role: Senior Individual Worker and Social Work Assistant

Favourite type of music:

Pop and Mo-town – though really, I like a bit of anything!

How long have you been working for Blue Sky:

2 years in November

How did you first get involved with Blue Sky?

I initially saw an advert for a Social Work Assistant role; I went for it, and my role has continued to evolve over time into the Senior Individual Worker and Social Work Assistant role.

My day to day is very varied as more role is a combination of completing the social work assistant duties, carrying out  the individual work session with young people as well as supervising the individual work and social work assistant team within the Devon and Cornwall Hub.

What has surprised you about working for Blue Sky?

I’m not sure if I could call it a surprise, but it was a culture change for me. I was used to being in a classroom environment as a teacher previously and I had to adapt to working in an office. So that was a big change for me. But other things don’t surprise me; it’s very similar in terms of getting to know the carers and the young people – that’s the joy of the job.

What do you find the most challenging about Blue Sky?

Making sure that the events are fun for the young people. It’s for the whole fostering family and it can be a challenge to make sure that everyone is catered for, and everyone enjoys it.

What has been the best aspect of working for Blue Sky?

Getting to witness the progress and achievements of the young people and celebrating these with them.

If you could change one thing about fostering, what would it be?

I wouldn’t necessarily change one thing but a development would be around increasing diversity within the hub. Our area isn’t as diverse in general in comparison to other areas of the UK. Thinking creatively about how to reach different communities, promoting fostering what it entails and clarifying any misconceptions which would hopefully lead to an increase in more people wanting to become foster carers.

What do you wish other people knew about fostering and Blue Sky?

making sure more people are aware of what foster carers do, and what it entails. What they do is amazing, and not everyone can do it. That’s the biggest thing – just making sure this is promoted.

What might someone be surprised to know about you Lucia?

The carers know most things about me... Hmmm… hang on! I’ve got a Law and Business degree. I think that would surprise some people!

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