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Why Blue Sky Gives Madlug Bags

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As all foster carers know, life is often built on small moments: a smile, a few words, or an everyday achievement. Our Madlug bags can appear as a small thing – just a bag – but they represent a lot more than that.

Madlug operates as a social enterprise and charity. For every bag that is bought, one is given away to a young person in care.


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18 March 2024

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When you have to move and life is shifting about you, a bag of your own to put your things in gives a sense of togetherness and stability.

At Blue Sky every new young person over aged 9 receives a Madlug bag with their welcome guide.

We use Madlug because they’re an ethical social enterprise and charity: for every bag you buy, they send an emergency bag to a young person who needs it for a move. Their aim is to ensure no young people in care needs to carry their things in a plastic bag, which is common. Next month will mark their aim to give 100,000 travel bags to children in care across the UK and Ireland.

Or fantastic Participation Lead, Molly LLoyd spoke with a young person to hear their views and thoughts about our Madlug bags:

Do you remember when you came into us at Blue Sky what you received?

I got a teddy and some paperwork I think?! I still have the teddy, it’s quite cute.

We now like to give everyone a bag when they join us at Blue Sky so that you have your own luggage to put your things in. What do you think about this?

That’s nice, a lot of people don’t have their own bags. Some kids probably move with no things at all.

When you go on holiday or sleepovers what do you use to pack your things?

I have a sports bag for sleepovers – me and my friends all have the same one! For holiday I use a suitcase or sometimes a big squashy bag because it fits more in.

Well rubbish goes in black bags doesn’t it; our stuff isn’t rubbish. It would mean that your stuff is important because it’s not being put in the bin.

Which of these bags do you like better and why? (showed pictures of the Madlug rucksack and duffle bags)

This one is nicer (points to duffle) it's much bigger and looks more like a sports bag or one for the weekend. Most kids have rucksacks for school and stuff but probably don’t have something like this that they can use for the gym or holiday.

What do you think of the colours and design?

I like that they don’t have ‘Blue Sky Fostering’ written on them! I don’t want to wear or use something that says ‘fostering’ all over it! The colours are good too.

Have you heard of Madlug before? They are a company that wants to make sure kids don’t have to come into care with their things in bin bags or carrier bags. Every time we buy one of their bags, they donate a bag to a young person who needs it.

No, I’ve not heard of them before, that’s cool though! I’ve used bin bags before, that’s quite bad actually, isn’t it?! You don’t think its bad at the time but actually it really is. Now I think about it, I have a few different bags that I could put my stuff into if I need to, but when I was younger I didn’t. One of these bags would have been good to have.

How would it feel different to move home with a bag rather than having to use carrier bags?

Well rubbish goes in black bags doesn’t it; our stuff isn’t rubbish. It would mean that your stuff is important because it’s not being put in the bin.

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