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Our Young Person Brings her Artistry to Blue Sky

Lauren Angel Blue

One of young people is bringing her artistry to Blue Sky.

Blue Sky has digitized the work of one of our young people, aged 17, to help support her ambition to be a tattoo artist. In addition, we're very excited that she will be illustrating some of our online pieces later this year, with another small Blue Sky project in the pipeline.

Click the image below to view her online portfolio:

Lauren Art Portfolio

Her artwork absolutely blows us away. We are so proud of her talent and her drive to be exactly who she wants to be. We hope her artwork will take her where she wants it to.

Michele and Dave, Foster Carers.

She directly copies works she has seen online from eye, while other pieces are self-inspired. She enjoys ink, graphite and watercolour as mediums, but her ultimate goal is to tattoo permanent works on skin. She is working towards gaining a tattoo artist apprenticeship.

We feel very lucky to be able to benefit from her talent - expect to see her work illustrate our articles in the coming months!




  • Teenager
  • Young person
  • Support

Date published

21 October 2023

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