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The 5 Best Easter Activities

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Happy Easter!

Most of us are lucky enough to hold happy memories of Easter, whether linked to religion or simply as a herald of a new spring and a chance to eat lots of chocolate!

It also marks Easter Holidays for young people at school. We've listed our favourite 5 suggestions for fun Easter activities, that perfectly celebrate Easter and the beginning of spring. Read on for some inspiration!




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Date published

29 March 2024

Easter Egg

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Let's start with an obvious one... However, an Easter egg hunt can be as adventerous as you want to make it. In some households, small mini-eggs are scattered about the house and garden [wrapped in tinfoil if required!] and the children are left to their own devices to discover them.

At the other end of the scale, you can make an entire sheet of clues showing where the mini eggs [or small treats] are hidden. Even more complicated (!) you can use drawings instead of words for some clues, making it very difficult to discover the eggs' whereabouts!

Easter Egg 02

2. Egg Rolling

Egg rolling comes from Scotland – and its super fun! First you hard boil your eggs. Next you paint them, or use felt tips to decorate them – whatever you fancy. Now you have your beautiful egg, you will need to locate a hill or slope. The egg rolling can begin! Everyone releases their eggs at the same time, and the egg that makes it furthest down the slope is the winner! It's a good idea to have a few eggs each so you can have one more than one race. Egg rolling can become quite the event [with some devising secret methods to make their egg extra-hard!].

Easter 03

3. Crystallising Spring Flowers

This is a lovely thing to do, especially with younger children. It is a great way to celebrate the start of spring. First you need to forage some edible blossom. At this time of year these can be primroses, violets, or apple blossom – plus lots of others – if in doubt, google it! Once you have your flowers assembled, use a brush (a clean artist brush is perfect) to ‘paint’ them with a beaten egg. Next, sprinkle them all over with caster sugar. Then, place them on a baking sheet and leave for 24-48 hours to dry. These beautiful edible flowers are perfect for decorating cupcakes, and it’s a peaceful way to spend an afternoon with a young person too.

Easter 04

4. Baking Easter Biscuits

Easter biscuits are nice and simple to make with children. They are lightly spiced, sugary, buttery – and a delicious way to celebrate Easter with the same traditional biscuit that’s been baked for generations!

We’ve hunted down the perfect recipe here.

As long as you have the basic ingredients in your cupboard, within 30 minutes of starting the recipe you can be sat back crunching down on a buttery biscuit, dreaming of all the spring days to come…

Easter 05

5. Arts and Crafts – Art for wellbeing

Arts and crafts are wonderful at any time of year, but Place2Be have come up with some particularly imaginative suggestions in time for this Easter break. The ‘Tuning In’ and ‘Creative Gardener’ exercises are inspiring, as is ‘My Colour Palette’ for younger children, allowing them to describe emotions through colour.

Whatever you do during this Easter break, whether gardening or movies, outdoor walks, or creating indoor shelters from the rain, we wish you a wonderful Easter period.

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