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Amy's Blue Sky Artwork

Amy Art 001

Bringing Colour to Blue Sky

It feels special to be able to celebrate Amy's artwork. Her paintings and collages are a daily joy for everyone working at the Ivybridge office. There is at least one painting in every room of the building!




  • Young person

Date published

21 September 2023


Mixed Media

Amy, aged 13, has shared numerous pieces with us over the years. She dabbles in every artform from collage to graffiti, to painting.  

Some of the simpler pieces such as the goldfish floating in the bowl (left), she created when she was much younger at 9 years old.

Her favourite piece is her most recent, a ‘Stitch’ cartoon character graffiti painting, sprayed onto plywood (below).


Graffiti Style

She recently displayed her artwork at Blue Sky Fest weekend – but for all who missed the occasion, here is our Ivybridge collection [shown below].

Does Amy want to be an artist? Nope! She plans to be a midwife! But she enjoys artwork nonetheless.

We feel very lucky to be able to enjoy it with her too.