Why foster?

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Why foster a child or young person?

Young people come into foster care for so many reasons. They come from all backgrounds, all faiths and with their own needs and experiences. 

Almost all will have suffered some neglect, trauma and/or abuse, and every one of them needs the security, warmth, care and support our foster carers offer. 

No matter what their appearance or their attitude, they are all children, and they all need our help. 

Why are foster carers needed?

Foster carers are needed to give young people in care the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, to provide them with the security to ‘be themselves’, and explore their skills and the experience of being carefree. 

Young people entering care may have yet to be provided with a structured routine, a balanced and nourishing diet, appropriate clothing and the correct health care. For young people who’ve experienced fragmented and unpredictable home life, our foster carers give them reassurance, reliability, stability and organisation. 

Why consider fostering?

People have unique reasons for becoming foster carers, and many of them share similar qualities that help them provide excellent and inspiring care to those in need. Common motivations include wanting to make a positive difference in the world and providing additional support to vulnerable children. 

Why foster children need you?

It is essential to provide children with the support and guidance they need in order to create a safe future for themselves. Too many children don't have the loving environment that a family should provide, but with your help, they can get access to resources that will give them the stability they need to thrive. In addition, fostering is a highly fulfilling experience. You will be able to watch the children you help grow and overcome obstacles, which will be a rewarding experience that will make any hardships you face worth it. 

Why consider fostering?

Many individuals choose to become foster carers for a range of motives, ranging from personal experiences to the desire to make a positive change. Despite the variety of backgrounds, our carers share certain similarities which aid them in giving outstanding and inspiring care to those in need. 

Support young people in achieving success and growth 

If you have a strong desire to help children live better, more fulfilling lives, and you are dedicated to seeing them through any struggles or roadblocks, then you would make an excellent foster carer. It is your enthusiasm and passion to support children and help them reach their highest potential that is most important in this role. 

You want to make a difference 

If you're connected to someone who has gone through the foster care system or know what it's like to be in a vulnerable spot, you could create a positive difference in the lives of those in need. The child or young person in the foster care system has gone through a lot and will be looking for a stable and secure place to thrive. By giving them a safe atmosphere and offering them a firm foundation and loving environment, you can be the answer to a brighter future for them. 

You’ve been there 

Some of our foster carers were brought up in foster homes themselves and understand how profoundly beneficial it can be to have a supportive presence in times of distress. Their own experiences can be essential in helping foster children through traumas and helping them develop the courage and strength to face the future. 

You have an empty nest? 

If you're a parent who has already raised their own children, fostering could be a great option for you. Now that your own children are grown and out of the house, you have the perfect opportunity to give young people the care and stability they need to succeed. With your first-hand knowledge of the highs and lows of parenting, you'll be able to give them the guidance they need to make it through the tough times. 

You want to start a family? 

People who have desired to have children of their own may find fostering to be a beneficial path to take. This can offer them the opportunity to offer a secure and loving home to those in need and experience all the joys that come with being a parent. Fostering can be a life-changing experience for both the parent and the child. 

What are the qualities needed to be a great foster carer?

No matter what their age or relationship status, foster carers possess certain key characteristics that make them uniquely suited to helping children. These include commitment, honesty, a willingness to learn, resilience, flexibility, consistency, dedication, and kindness. 

How to start fostering?

Taking the first step to becoming a foster carer can seem overwhelming, but it is not as hard as people think. With the right help and guidance, the process is straightforward. Contact a Blue Sky Fostering representative to start the process. They will do an assessment of your home and suitability, followed by an interview and review. Once these are passed, you will be a foster carer. 

Bsf Faq

Common questions asked

There is no upper age limit when it comes to fostering; age is only a number. You must be at least 21 to start fostering.

Yes. We have many single foster carers who have a strong support network of family and friends who provide practical and emotional assistance as needed. When you foster with us, you will never feel alone since the Blue Sky Fostering team is always available to help you.

You will receive advice and information from one of our team members during your initial phone contact. When you are ready, you will be assigned a dedicated assessor who will visit you and assist you throughout the process. A referee, medical, and DBS check will be done, and you will be asked to undergo a 'Skills to Foster' training session. The assessment process typically takes 4-6 months.

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